Who We Are

A successful person is defined by his/her abilities and talents. This is what Jayshree Music Society believes. If each and every person is provided with the opportunity to make these talents shine then imagine, the amount of contributions they will be able to make to the society.

However, people who could have made these contributions are not given any opportunity what so ever. Jayshree Music Society was established in 2068 as non-profit organization to address this issue. Jayshree Music Society aims to provide platform to talented and struggling artists.

Aside from this, Jayshree Music Society which mainly promotes classical music also wants to create a positive outlook of the genre among the youth of today.


  • Jayshree Music Society, established in 2011 is a non-profitable organization that mainly aims at promoting Classical Music.
  • It mainly focuses on Classical music and provides platform for the astists that are lacking opportunities and provides a new taste of classical music for the listener.
  • Providing honor and respect for the artists who have provided different contribution in the field of music.
  • Promoting new artist in Classical Music.
  • Working for the development and welfare of music.
  • Organizing different creative events and programs for the promotion of Classical Music.
  • Developing positive attitudes in Artist and Society towards Classical Music.


Meet our team

Maestro Rabin Lal Shrestha


Laxmi Prasad Dangol


Laxmi Pandey


Ramesh Dangol

General Secretary

Dipendra Bajracharya


Baburaja Maharjan


Bijay Shrestha

Executive Member

Naresh Prajapati

Executive Member

Bharat Lakhe

Executive Member

Sambhu Baniya

Executive Member

Lava Dulal

Executive Member

Dinesh Ghising

Executive Member

Kul Prasad Maharjan

Executive Member

Mukesh Shakya

Executive Member

Rishi Paudel

Executive Member

Suzan Shrestha

Executive Member


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